Flower Business Support,

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Growers in Africa try to save sales cost by shortening their supply chain and getting in touch with clients worldwide. Flower traders worldwide try to achieve a more direct access to African growers. But how do they find each other? How can they co-operate in getting the right flowers in the shop and add value to these flowers? Challenges, challenges. Flower Business Support, a young, upcoming company, has the answers.


Flower Business Support’s mission is to optimize the value- & supply chain of growers and traders. We do not trade ourselves. We will never own the product. But we help growers and traders saving cost. How do we do this? Here are some of our services:

  • Flower Business Support has an IT-platform to offer and buy flowers digitally and to support the logistic after sales process.

  • On behalf of growers Flower Business Support can sell directly out of the daily stock at the airport in Nairobi (March 2015) or in the Netherlands.

  • Both in Kenya and in the Netherlands Flower Business Support has modern storing and preparing facilities with proper cooling houses.

  • In the Netherlands Flower Business Support can help by distributing flowers both to the auction clocks and to direct clients.

  • Both in Kenya and in the Netherlands Flower Business Support can prepare flowers to specific needs of buyers. So you get your flowers tailor made in your shop.

  • Flower Business Support saves money by offering consolidation services in Kenya.

  • In order to create economies of scale Flower Business Support centrally can buy air freight.

  • Flower Business Support stimulates and facilitates co-operation projects between African growers and flower traders worldwide.


To get to know us better, please mail to info@flowerbusinesssupport.com or phone to  + 31 6 53235202 or +31 6 42483044.

We’d like to give answers to your challenges.